Science and Technology In Medicine Book Cover
The cover illustration shows Dr. Georg Haas supervising one of the first dialysis treatments, in 1926 (from p.399 of the book)
Hard cover
ISBN: 0-387-27874-5
580 pages with more
than 1100 illustrations
Size: 11'' x 8.7''
January 2006

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NobelMuseumExhibitionThe Exhibition Medicine from Art to Science, based on the illustrations of the book, that opened at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm March 28 2006 has moved to the University of Linköping in Linköping.
It opened on August 31 2006 as part of the celebration of the 20-th aniversary of establishing the Hälsouniversitetet.

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Topics at a glance

Select a topic of interest and choose any of the landmark publications listed to view a picture illustrating some of the historical context of the discovery reported.

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Cardiovascular physiology, blood
Lung physiology, gases, ventilation, anaesthesia
Life processes, reproduction, metabolism, gas exchange
Germs, theory of diseases, drugs
Diagnostic methods and equipment
Materials, equipment and methods for treating disease
  2. 1575 Paré
New surgical methods and devices including artificial body parts and prosthesis.

10. 1665 Wren
Introduction of controlled techniques of infusion.

34. 1827 Civiale
The development of a new device—the lithotriptor—for crushing bladder stones.

48. 1858 Czermak
The invention and introduction of laryngoscopy as a useful clinical tool.

60. 1879 Nitze
The invention and development of cystoscopy and related techniques.

69. 1897 Thomson
The discovery of the electron and the development of the Mass-spectroscope.

70. 1898 Curie
The discovery of radioactivity and new radioactive elements.

77. 1914 Abel
Successful dialysis is demonstrated in dogs.

86. 1946 Kolff
The introduction of the artificial kidney and other artificial organs.

92. 1960 Maiman
The description of the first LASER and its mode of operation.

93. 1969 Brånemark
Titanium implants in medicine and dentistry.
Basic materials and methods in clinical medicine and medical research
Anatomy, muscle movement, electrophysiology, sensory physiology