Science and Technology In Medicine Book Cover
The cover illustration shows Dr. Georg Haas supervising one of the first dialysis treatments, in 1926 (from p.399 of the book)
Hard cover
ISBN: 0-387-27874-5
580 pages with more
than 1100 illustrations
Size: 11'' x 8.7''
January 2006

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NobelMuseumExhibitionThe Exhibition Medicine from Art to Science, based on the illustrations of the book, that opened at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm March 28 2006 has moved to the University of Linköping in Linköping.
It opened on August 31 2006 as part of the celebration of the 20-th aniversary of establishing the Hälsouniversitetet.

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Topics at a glance

Select a topic of interest and choose any of the landmark publications listed to view a picture illustrating some of the historical context of the discovery reported.

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Cardiovascular physiology, blood
Lung physiology, gases, ventilation, anaesthesia
Life processes, reproduction, metabolism, gas exchange
Germs, theory of diseases, drugs
Diagnostic methods and equipment
Materials, equipment and methods for treating disease
Basic materials and methods in clinical medicine and medical research
  4. 1603 Santorio
The first use of quantitative measurements for diagnostics in medicine.

7. 1625 Santorio
Introduction of the quantitative measurement of temperature in medicine.

9. 1655 Borel
The first publication describing the compound microscope and its use in medicine.

16. 1719 Leeuwenhoek
Microscopic investigations leading to many new discoveries in medicine and biology.

30. 1806 Legendre The first use of a statistical method, the least squares technique, in experimental science.

32. 1822 Fourier
A powerful new mathematical method applicable to problems in science and medicine.

38. 1839 Daguerre
The invention of photography—photomicroscopy—and its early uses in medicine.

40. 1842 Doppler
The Doppler effect discovered.

46. 1856 Fick
The first general overview of the role of physics in medicine.

49. 1862 Kirchhoff
The discovery of spectral analysis for the determination of the chemical elements.

55. 1868 Maxwell
Control theory established as a science.

64. 1886 Abbe
A new theory and its implementation for much improved optical microscopy.

73. 1903 Tswett
The invention of the technique of chromatography.

78. 1920 Staudinger
A theory is proposed for the mechanism of polymerisation, and applied to synthesis rubber.

79. 1922 Aston
The development of masspectrometry and the discovery of the isotopes.

80. 1929 Carothers
The invention and production of industrial polymers, particularly polyamide (nylon).

81. 1931 Van Slyke
The first exhaustive review of clinical chemistry as used in medicine.

83. 1938 Ruska
The development of the transmission electron microscope.

84. 1941 Martin
The invention of partition chromatography and gas chromatography.

85. 1945 Eckert, Mauchly
ENIAC, the first programmable electronic computer.

98. 1974 Kahn, Cerf
A generally useful internet protocol for communication between data networks.
Anatomy, muscle movement, electrophysiology, sensory physiology